DASE Alumnus Discovers His Passion For Technology And Wants To Develop Solutions For New Challenges And Opportunities In Maritime

Aerospace Electronics Alumnus, Lee Wei Juin at The University of Edinburgh

After graduation, Wei Juin was awarded the Maritime and Port Authority Overseas Scholarship to pursue Electronics and Computer Science at The University of Edinburgh.

While his earliest interest in transportation started back in his childhood when he was completely mesmerized by aircraft and ships. It was his natural curiosity that made him wonder how humanity managed to master the skies and the seas. His eagerness to be a part of this perpetuated state of advancement became the stepping stone towards his interest in technology.

Wei Juin became interested in programming after taking a module in his first year where he wrote his first program. Almost immediately, he realized that he enjoyed the challenge of working through various problems and thinking of all the possible ways to find a solution.

He then conjured up an urge to start learning about other programming methodologies and languages outside of school. He went on to build his first application when he was at the Google Computer Science Summer Institute to recommend recipes f or leftover food in just a span of one week. He became drawn to computing by the prospects of being able to create a product that aligned with his interests in a short amount of time.

During his stint at SP, he discovered a community of lecturers and students who shared his passion for innovation, technology and co-founded a start-up called Kuhaku. He continued to build and develop applications alongside driven and like-minded individuals by applying computing to unique areas. He also had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects outside of the classroom through multiple hackathons and competitions such as AWS Build On and Hack.Asia where he learned the notion of demo or die which ingrained in him the importance of being agile and nimble in his projects and school work.

His time thus far as an engineer has been the most rewarding and he feels that he has just scratched the surface. In the near future, he looks forwardto applying his passion for computing to optimizing port resources and enhancing efficiency through machine learning and quantum computing to facilitate just-in-time operations and optimal vessel path planning at the Next Generation Port of Singapore.

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