DASE Student Won Silver Award in ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2021

Congratulations to Chow Jing Xiang, DASE year 3 student, for emerging as the Silver Award winner at the Grand Final of ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2021 held on 7 Sep 2021.  Jing Xiang, representing SP and Singapore in the design track and tertiary category, competed against students from 6 other countries.  The competition, which started in 2017, with participation from over 3500 students and 106 schools from seven countries, is geared towards practical digital skills required for various professional work in the workplace today and for the future. With the emphasis on the digital economy around the world, it aims to expose contestants to emerging technologies, data analytics, design, and the use of office application tools.  In 2019, when SP first participated in the competition, DESM student, Wee Wen Bin, clinched the top prize in the design competition.