EEE DEB Students are Champions at inaugural CoSpace Rescue (University Category) League of RoboCup Asia-Pacific Tianjin Invitational Tournament 2019!

Winning Duo: Thaw Tint Te Tun and Su Wai Wai Zin

Final Year DEB students, Thaw Tint Te Tun and Su Wai Wai Zin, clinched 1st place at the inaugural CoSpace Rescue (University Category) league of the RoboCup Asia-Pacific (RCAP) Tianjin Invitational Tournament 2019 held in Tianjin, China.

Jointly organized by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment of Tsinghua University and RoboCup Asia-Pacific, the Tournament was held in conjunction with the 3rd World Intelligence Congress (WIC) from 16th to 18th May 2019. About 400 participants from 15 countries took part in various leagues in the Tournament.
The CoSpace Rescue league originally had only Primary and Secondary categories. The University Category was a new addition to the league this year. Participants competed in developing AI strategies for search and rescue operations using the CoSpace platform. Eight teams from the following institutions of China, Russia and Singapore participated in this new category:

  • TUSUR University, Russia
  • Dalian Jiaotong University, China
  • Tianjin University of Technology, China
  • Anshan Normal University, China
  • Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

Thaw Tint Te Tun and Su Wai Wai Zin were serving their internship at the SP Advanced Robotics & Intelligent Control Centre (ARICC) when they participated in the Tournament. Their supervisors from ARICC, Dr Yang Tianwu, Mr Han Xinyu and Ms Shen Jiayao, provided much support and guidance.

Our heartiest congratulations to the students and supervisors for this remarkable feat!

ARICC Team: (from left) Han Xinyu, Zhou Changjiu, Thaw Tint Te Tun, Su Wai Wai Zin, Yang Tianwu, Kevin Hoh and Shen Jiayao


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