EEE Laboratories

Technology to Business Hub

Technology to Business Hub

The Technology to Business Hub provides a practical platform for translating technology-based ideas into business. Students can apply the Design Thinking Methodology to conceive and design potential products / services. Subsequently they can continue to work on fund raising for their products / services and learn to pitch their business plan to potential investors.

Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics

To perform experiments and project assignment using Digital/Analog Trainer kits to enhance knowledge for the module.


Introduction to Engineering

To acquire knowledge and skills in modules such as Introduction to Electrical Appliances, Soldering Practice and build mini projects using Conceive, Design, Implement & Operate (CDIO) approach. Students will also learn teamwork, creative & critical thinking in these modules.


Principles of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

To enhance knowledge and skills in electronics general equipment such as Oscilloscope, Power Supply and Function Generator plus customised experiment kits used to perform experiments for Principal Electrical and Electronics Engineering module.


Circuit Theory & Analysis

Students will gain understanding of circuit theory, which includes mesh analysis, nodal analysis, circuit theorems and applications. Students will also be introduced to three-phase circuits, covering three-phase supply and loads.


Energy Management and Auditing

Students will learn the knowledge and skills required to implement Measurement and Verification (M&V) measures in centralised chiller system in accordance to Green Mark standards. Students will be exposed to the key instruments used for the chiller plant M&V, recommended good practices, and fundamentals of heat balance as well as learn to accurately measure the variables that determine the system efficiency.