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Most popular Engineering with Business diploma course in Singapore to nurture technopreneurs who can leverage technology to exploit business opportunities.


The Diploma in Engineering with Business (DEB) gives you the best of both worlds and will train you to be a business-minded engineer with an entrepreneurial mind-set. If you are interested in science, mathematics and technology, but do not want to pursue a pure engineering course, this is the right choice for you.

In this course, you will acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in the fields of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering, and also learn how to apply business marketing concepts into engineering products and services.

This course also prepares you well for your further studies with up to two years of modules exemptions at the universities.

You can take advantage of the Technology to Business (T2B) Hub at EEE which is a collaborative space for start-ups where you can network with like-minded entrepreneurs and venture into businesses with mentorship provided by successful EEE alumni and industry partners. With the support from SP Group and industry partners through EEE Technopreneur Mentorship Program, you can embark on your start-up journey and have a head start to become a Technopreneur.

 Technology to Business Hub

EEE Technopreneur Mentorship Program with Alumni and Industry Mentors

Course Highlights

  • A curriculum with modules from three SP schools – School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and School of Business.
  • Integration of engineering and business knowledge with a strong focus on technopreneurship.
  • Technology to Business (T2B) Hub at EEE which provides collaborative space for start-ups where DEB students can network with like-minded entrepreneurs and venture into businesses with mentorship provided by eminent industry partners such as Dr Patrick Liew (Chairman of GEX Ventures and Entrepreneur of the Year Award For Social Contribution).
  • Prestigious scholarship or sponsorship (e.g. SP Engineering Scholars, A*STAR, DSTA, DSO, Home Team and SAF) that covers tuition fees and provides allowance.
  • An enriching and exciting overseas technopreneurship immersion programme in Japan or China.
  • An exciting 2-week overseas exchange programme (Learning Express) where you will use your skills and knowledge to improve lives in the real world.
  • Electives in the areas of
    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    • Python Coding for the Internet of Things
    • AWS Cloud Foundations
    • Robotics Technologies
  • 22-week overseas and local internship opportunities at reputable companies such as OCBC, Mapletree, ST Electronics, Panasonic, SSMC and A*STAR.
  • Premier Engineering Academy programme and also opportunities to take part in local and overseas competitions.
  • A curriculum that follows the CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement- Operate) framework which is adopted in top universities such as MIT.
  • A proven track record of DEB graduates admitted to local and overseas universities such as NUS, NTU, SUTD, SMU, SIT and University College London (UCL) with up to 2 years of advanced standing.
    • Up to one year exemptions for engineering related courses at NTU.
    • Advanced placement credits (APCs) in relevant modules for up to a maximum of 40 modular credits (equivalent to a year’s worth of study) at NUS.
    • Advanced standing of up to two years when applying for related degree programmes at overseas universities.
  • An excellent track record of DEB graduates awarded with prestigious undergraduate scholarships (e.g. SUTD Global Distinguished Scholarship, SUTD Global Merit Scholarship, Nanyang Scholarship, National Infocomm Scholarship, NUS Global Engineering Scholarship, Singapore Industry Scholarship, NTU Scholarship, Renaissance Engineering Programme and ST Engineering Scholarship).

Course video

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School: School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Tel: (65)-67751133
Course Manager: Mr Danny Lee Meng Tuck 
Tel:(65) 6870 8029
General Enquiries: contactus@sp.edu.sg
Social Media: facebook
Aerospace Electronics (S90)
Computer Engineering (S53)
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (S99)
Energy Systems & Management (S45)
Engineering Systems (S33)
Common Engineering Programme (S40)
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