Lift Course for Facility Managers

Course Date:

Registration Period:

16 hours / 2 days

8:30am to 5:30pm

Mode of Training:
Facilitated Learning (F2F) and Practical Training

Singapore Polytechnic

Course Introduction

In Singapore, the need for Lift maintenance has increased tremendously throughout the year. With the recent multiple cases of lift/escalators incidents raises the awareness of the public and voices were heard to impose and upgrade the system performance and safety. This has led BCA to impose more stringent regulation for maintenance and inspection of lifts.

In order to maintain the safety of the public, the Authorities, Lift industries and Education Institutes must work together to provide relevant trainings to the Lift personnel in order to upgrade, update and create awareness in the trade so as to maintain the integrity of this industry and to protect the general publics that uses the products.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to impart participants with the basic technical knowledge and skills on lift engineering. This introductory course also aims at broadening the knowledge in management of lifts through academic and practical training.

By the end of the course, learners will be equipped with fundamental technical knowledge and skills on lift engineering; to engage lift workers on maintenance projects which include:

• Plan and Select Equipment for Lifts
• Describe the Components of Lifts
• Interpret and Apply Inspection & Functional Test Compliance (SS 550:2009)
• Interpret and Apply Periodic Maintenance and Examination Compliance (SS 550:2009)
• Apply Energy Efficiency Principles for Lifts

Course Outline

1. Fundamental Lift Planning and Selection of Equipment
• Overview of Code of Practices for lift
• Duties of lift owners, lift service contractor 
• An overview of the various types of lifting systems and operations

2. Lift Components Overview
Machines room equipment
• Traction machine 
• Governor 
• Control panel 
• Guide rail 
• Counter-weight 
Lift Door Operator 
• Door machine 
• Door safety device 
• Door configuration 
Lift Car and Landing  
• Indicator & Operation Board (OPB) 
• Crosshead, Transom, Jamb 
• Buffer  
• Roping 
• Tailcord 

3. Inspection & Functional Test Compliance (SS 550:2009)
• Basic Electrical Installation Concepts  
• Machine room inspection 
• Test of safety circuits 
• Hoisting and governor rope inspection and examination 
• Lift well and equipment inspection and examination 
• Balance point check 
• Speed governor test  
• Safety gear test  
• Fire lift operation  
• Emergency operation 

4. Periodic Maintenance and Examination Compliance (SS 550:2009)
• Lift maintenance outcomes 
• Periodic examination, test and inspection  
• Examinations and tests after a major modification 
• Periodic test of ARD and EBOPS

5. Energy Efficiency of Lifts
• Traffic handling 
• Maintenance and modernisation

6. Revision and Assessment

Suitable for

Facility managers, M&E consultants, Lift inspectors, Town council executives.

Minimum Entry Requirements / Assumed Skills and Knowledge

Lift technician 2 years in the lift industry or at least a Diploma holder or having equivalent qualification (which may include supervisory role- technical or admin.)

Award / Certification / Accreditation

• Certificate of Performance (electronic Certificate will be issued)
A Certificate of Performance will be awarded to participants who pass the examination and meet at least 75% attendance rate

$513.60 (incl. GST)

$273.60 (incl. GST) after e2i funding  (T&C applies)

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