Diploma in Chemical Engineering (DCHE - S70)

Catalysing Innovations, Empowering Sustainable Future

Join us @ Chemical Engineering in SP if you have a passion for science, mathematics and technology, and if you want a fulfilling and meaningful learning journey. Here, you’ll be empowered to investigate problems and design solutions and products using sustainable, cost-effective, safe and cutting-edge processes for the chemical industry.

Oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food and drink, synthetic fibres and clean drinking water are some products where chemical engineering plays a central role.

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Make a meaningful contribution to the world

In chemical engineering, you will learn about changing raw materials into useful products that you use every day in a safe and sustainable way. You will understand how to alter the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance to create many products from seaweed wine to natural dyes.

If you aspire to leave a lasting impact and shape the future, join our Diploma in Chemical Engineering (DCHE) course and be a catalyst for positive change.

Course Highlights

What You Can Expect

  • Gain valuable industry exposure and network with industry professionals through internships at local and overseas chemical processing companies and institutions such as Shell, Abbott and Proctor & Gamble
  • Enjoy direct entry and advanced standing to renowned local and overseas universities. Find out more about your further study options here
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  • You will gain valuable hands-on experience in operating a “live” plant which is sustainably design with zero waste.
  • You will be exposed to a realistic work environment mimicking the chemical industry using the equipment and pilot plants in the Energy & Chemicals Training Centre.
  • Explore a wide array of career options and pathways here


Energy and Chemicals Training Centre

The Centre will train students and learners from the Energy and Chemicals, Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical sectors to help close critical skills gaps and harness advanced digital technologies, to boost productivity and optimise resources.

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4 Jan 2024

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Chemical Engineering student interns at Nestlé

19 Dec 2023

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SP Chemical Engineering teams win at Singapore Energy Grand Challenge 2023

31 Oct 2023

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Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Alumni Homecoming 2023

20 Sep 2023

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CLS alumni graduated with Honours (Highest Distinction) from NTU Materials Science and Engineering

10 Aug 2023

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Immersive Learning in Process Safety Engineering: Bridging Theory and Practice

3 May 2023

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