Diploma in Applied Chemistry (DAPC - S64)

Unveiling the Mysteries of Chemical Marvels

Discover the mysterious and captivating properties of chemicals, drugs and materials on this exciting applications-based journey with us. As the first diploma programme in Singapore dedicated to building a strong foundation in chemistry, DAPC provides you the versatility to excel in various chemistry-related sectors.

At DAPC, you'll thrive in a nurturing environment that encourages research and exploration. Opportunities to synthesize and test new chemicals, drugs, and materials will have you unravelling their mysteries and pushing the boundaries of investigative chemistry.

Our progressive learning approach ensures your growth throughout the program. In the first year, you'll acquire essential knowledge of fundamental chemistry principles. In the second year, you'll gain practical skills in chemical investigations and interpreting real-life results. Finally, during your third year, you'll harness your creativity to develop and optimise new products or methods, making a tangible impact on improving lives.

Upon graduation, you'll be fully prepared to contribute to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and materials-related industries. Whether you choose to embark on a fulfilling career or pursue further studies in tertiary institutions, the Diploma in Applied Chemistry sets the stage for your success.

Are you captivated by chemistry? Join us at the Diploma in Applied Chemistry course and ignite your passion for discovery.


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