Why become a Biomedical Engineer?

Be an engineer in technologies that improve the health of masses


Biomedical engineering specialization covers a multi-disciplinary blend of biology, medicine, electrical and electronic engineering. DEEE Biomedical specialisation enables a student to use his/her expertise and skills to analyse and solve problems in the application of electronics and technology, as well as, to design, develop and produce medical devices and instruments for the ever-evolving medical technology and healthcare industries.

The biomedical technologist works in a multi-disciplinary environment with other health care professionals including physicians, nurses, therapists, and technicians. They can be called upon to design instruments, devices, software, and algorithms, and to develop new procedures, or to conduct research needed to solve clinical problems.  On the ground, they can install, commission and service sophisticated medical equipment commonly found in all modern hospitals. 

The field of biomedical engineering provides challenging career prospects which may include

  • Biomedical Design Engineers
  • Application / Service Engineers
  • Medical Product Specialists

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