Why become a Power Engineer?

Be an engineer that provides energy to all


Power Engineers are called upon to ensure the availability of a reliable and economical supply of electricity which supports economic activity and provides for a high standard of living that many have come to expect.
Besides the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy, power engineers advocates clean sources of energy in the ever increasing concern of global warming.

Clean energy companies

Power engineering covers a wide range of industry sectors from Energy and Chemicals, Energy & Power, Engineering Services and Transport, covering many areas like airports, military facilities and heavy industries such as chemical & pharmaceutical plants, oil and gas refineries and shipyards.

With appropriate professional experience, a power engineering student can look forward to attaining the Licensed Electrical Worker (Technician Grade) status within a few years of his/her graduation.
The field of power engineering provides challenging career prospects which may include

  • Assistant Electrical Engineer
  • Assistant Facilities Management Engineer
  • Assistant Field Service Engineer

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