Why become a Rapid Transit Technology Engineer?

Be an engineer that move millions daily.

Rapid Transit

Our rail network moves 3 million commuters a day or 1 billion commuters in a year. Imagine Singapore without the rail network. Our roads will be congested and we will be spending hours to commute from one place to another.
Engineers are required to ensure that our network is reliable and comfortable to support the Singapore Economy.

Rail network in Singapore is expected to double by 2030 from 178km today to about 360km with massive new rail lines – the Thomson-East Coast Line, Cross Island Line and the Jurong Region Line, as well as extensions to the Circle Line, North East Line and the Downtown Line. 

In 2008, the two operators SMRT Corporation Ltd and SBS Transit Ltd have in employment more than 6,000 to operate North-South-East-West MRT Line, North-East MRT Line and the two LRT lines.

You can be involved in various engineering areas like electrical, fire, signalling, controls, lifts and escalators.

The field of rapid transit technology engineering provides challenging career prospects which may include

  • Assistant Engineer (Electrical)
  • Assistant Engineer (Signal and Communications)
  • Train Service Controller

If you are interested to know what you’ll study in the rapid transit technology engineering specialisation, click here

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