* Applications for Academic Transcript and SP Diploma Replacements are made online. Click the link to access the application page.

Academic Transcript$10.70 / set
$6.40 / Overseas Postage
Processing time: 3 to 6 working days
Replacement / Reprint of SP Diploma / PFP Certificate$21.40Processing time: 4 working days

Only 1 replacement is allowed per graduate for each course completed.
Syllabus Request
$10.70 / set (local)
$5.35 / additional set (local)
Processing time: 5 working days
Syllabus Request
$21.40 / set
$10.70 / additional set
Processing time: 5 working days


* This is a link to the actual e-Form that is found under e-Services / e-Resource, under Academics tab. 

Certification Letters

For Current Students

Should you require a letter from SP that confirms your student status during your course of study, you may visit SSC to request for a copy of the letter.

The certification letter will include the following information:

  • Student's full name
  • Student's NRIC / FIN / passport number
  • Student number
  • Year of enrolment
  • Expected graduation date
  • Registered home address *

* The address is based on SP's records, if you have changed your home address, please update your address via e-Services website before you visit SSC

For Graduates waiting for the Graduation Ceremony in May

Upon the release of your examination results and confirmation of your completion of your diploma programme, graduates may request for an interim graduation certification letter either in person at SSC or via e-Services website


  • Interbank GIRO Application - For establishing a GIRO arrangement for deduction of course fees from bank account and for refunds, if any
  • PSEA Adhoc Withdrawal FormFor payment of course fees AFTER billing or claiming of cost from overseas trip, if any, AFTER returning
  • PSEA Standing Order - For students who wish to establish a standing order for deduction of course fees from PSEA account(s) for each semester

For all PSEA forms, please ensure that no correction fluid / tapes are used and all cancellations made are to be counter-signed by the student / parent

Financial Assistance

Please refer to our Bursary Application website for application dates.

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