Counselling and Special Needs Support

All of us encounter unpleasant, distressing and heartbreaking events. Sometimes, there seems to be no way out of these situations.

Counselling can help us to clarify their thoughts and feelings so that we can arrive at our own decisions or make changes in our lives.

Counselling services in SP:

  • Individual counselling
  • Group counselling
  • Referrals to external social agencies
  • Self-managing workshops
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To make an appointment with our Student Counsellors

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Personal Tutorship Network (PTN)

Each full-time diploma student enrolled in SP is assigned a Personal Tutor. Find out more about the PTN and the role of Personal Tutors.

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Special Needs

Build an inclusive environment

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Community Resources & Helplines

Feeling low? Facing problems that are disrupting your studies and personal life? Here are some resources to help you cope with the issues you may be encountering.

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