Loan of SP Blazers

Students representing SP in approved, formal events are eligible to loan the SP Blazer from One Stop Centre (located @ Block T16, level 2, T16213).

Requests for blazer loans must be made through the SP staff in-charge of organising the official event. 
(SP Staff only - Click HERE to view info and request instructions)

To avoid disappointment, submission of blazer loan request should be made at least one-week in advance.


Terms and Conditions

  • Only students representing SP in approved formal events are eligible to loan blazers. The SP Blazer must not be worn at any private event or personal function.
  • Requests for loans must be made through students’ respective schools/depts and endorsed by the officer-in-charge of event using the attached official form.
  • The borrower is liable to pay $100.00 for any damage or loss of blazer. The damaged blazer will remain the property of SP and must be returned to SP.
  • Blazers must be returned to the One Stop Centre (OSC) within 4 working days after the event.
    For late returns, a late fee of $2.00 per working day will be imposed.
  • Proper dress code must be strictly complied with, while the blazer is worn. Strictly no T-shirts, mini-skirt, jeans and sneakers/sports shoes or sandals are allowed.
    For Males: white long-sleeved shirt, black trousers, black shoes and SP Tie
    For Females: white long-sleeved blouse with collar, black knee-length skirt / black long-straight pants and black court shoes
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