Academic School Talks

Academic School talks are given by the respective Directors of Schools for the benefit of all new full-time students. Following these talks, the Directors will host the respective tea receptions for the new students to get to know their Academic Directors of Schools as well as their class tutors and lecturers.

The Librarian, Student Development Officer and Student leaders will also talk about other aspects of the Polytechnic, which will affect the lives of new students here. Students are welcome to ask questions.

The schedule of the talks will be given to you on the day of enrolment.



When classes commence, the lecturers of each module will advise you accordingly on books and reading list.

Campus Opening Hours

The campus is open from 7am - 11pm daily. All students are reminded and urged not to stay in the campus at night beyond the opening hours. However, if there are valid reasons to do so, then they should obtain permission from respective school / department authority who will inform the SP Security Officer so that guards will be briefed to monitor the students and their activities.

Class and Time-Table

You may check your class and time-table one week before the commencement of term through the e-Services (Academic > Student Class Timetable). To log in, enter your SPICE user ID & password.

For semester schedules and vacation periods, you may refer to the SP Academic Calendar. MOE school holidays do not apply.  

Co-curricular Activities

The provision of a balanced and well-rounded education is part of SP's mission to educate and train our students to excel in work and in life. The Department of Student Development & Alumni Relations (DSA) has played an important institutional role to facilitate the interweaving of students' academic, interpersonal and developmental experiences to realise this holistic education. Co-curricular Activities (CCA) are an integral part of our education system to drive home the message that good subject grades alone are an insufficient gauge of student quality. The current technological revolution, global competition, and push towards a knowledge-based economy require EQ, AQ and soft skills like creativity, leadership abilities, teamwork, flexibility, communication skills, resilience and an enterprising spirit. For more information, visit Life@SP.

Customised Study Pathway

Students who feel that they need to spread out their course load over more semesters to complete their Diploma course for the reasons shown below, may consider the Customised Study Pathway (CSP). 

The eligibility criteria:

  • Academic Challenges (Failed a module in the most recent semester / cumulative GPA less than or equal to 1.0)
  • Family or Financial Challenges
  • Mental and Emotional Challenges 
  • Medical Reasons (e.g. Serious illness)
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Side Interests (e.g. Sports competitions, other Skills Competitions and Entrepreneurship Incubators/ Programmes) 

Students with any of the above challenges may approach their personal tutors to explore the feasibility of coming on board the CSP.  

Students are to note that application is subject to approval and course fees are chargeable for any extra semester taken.  In addition, any student who has enjoyed the maximum in Tuition Grant semesters (funding by Singapore Government) will have to pay full fees for any extra semesters taken to complete the course.  The maximum number of semesters granted is dependent upon your entry point.  Eg. if you enter year 1 as a fresh student (i.e. have not enjoyed the tuition grant previously at other institutions of higher learning), you will be granted 10 semesters of Tuition Grant funding (4 extra semesters beyond the minimum time of 6 semesters needed to complete a diploma course); for a fresh student entering directly into year 2, you will be granted 8 semesters.

Diploma Student Concession Card (Full-time students not receiving an allowance paid by any institution)

Application for Diploma Student Concession Card

All Full-Time matriculated Diploma students from a government or government-aided tertiary institution are eligible to apply for a Diploma Student Concession Card to travel on buses, MRT and LRT.

All Part-time and Post diploma students, irrespective of the courses they are enrolled in, are not eligible for the Diploma Student Concession Card.

Please visit the One Stop Centre website to find out how to apply for a Diploma Student Concession Card.

ICA Student's Pass

Eligibility to Sit for Semestral Examinations

Please refer to Exam Time-table and Location under Examinations section, on how to check your exam time-table.

ICA Student's Pass

All international students must have a valid pass to study in SP and are advised to apply for a Student's Pass (STP).

Digital STP

From 27 February 2023, ICA will issue digital STP only. Physical STP cards issued prior to 27 February 2023 will remain valid until they expire or are cancelled.

The digital STP can be accessed directly on the Singpass app, or downloaded from MyICA or FileSG website upon completion of formalities with ICA. For step-by-step guides on retrieving digital STP on FileSG website, click this link ( here) and look under "Retrieval of Digital Student's Pass on FileSG Website".

Apply SingpassWith the introduction of digital STP by ICA, all international students who are above 15 years old and Foreign Identification Number (FIN) holders are encouraged to apply for a Singpass account. Please visit Singpass website for more information on how to apply: https://www.singpass.gov.sg/home/ui/support.
Update Singapore Residential Address with ICA

Students are required to report to ICA within 14 days after the change of their Singapore residential address.

If you have a valid Singpass account, you may update ICA using their e-Service by logging in with your Singpass.

For students without a Singpass account, you may write to contactus@sp.edu.sg with your particulars.

  • Student ID
  • Student Name
  • Course of Study
  • New address

As part of ICA's process to authenticate the validity of the new address provided, a 6-digit PIN mailer will be posted to the new address. There is a need to key the 6-digit PIN to confirm the change of address. The address will be updated and reflected in the digital STP upon validation.

Do ensure that you update SP's record at e-Services > Personal > Update Contact Details. 

STP expiring during the course duration

You may request an extension by emailing contactus@sp.edu.sg with the following information. SP will contact you via iChat email when it is ready for you to apply.

  • Student ID
  • Student Name
  • Course of Study
  • Period of extension (No. of semesters) 

ICA will take action against international students studying full-time without a valid immigration pass. It is therefore important that you hold a valid Student's Pass / Dependant's Pass / Long-Term Visit Pass / Immigration Exemption Order to study at SP and remain in Singapore.

Cessation of study

Non-current students are required to return their STP to ICA upon cessation of their study within 7 days. Visit ICA website to find out how (click here).

If you are a Singpass account holder, you may submit a self-cancellation of your STP at https://eservices.ica.gov.sg/solar/index.xhtml.

Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Progression Award (IPA)

The IPA is given to young Singaporean ITE graduates pursuing a diploma.

Click here to learn more about it.

Click here for the list of FAQs.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Students who are unable to attend any classes/tests/assessments, for justifiable reasons (which must be supported by appropriate documentary evidence) must apply for leave of absence in accordance with the 'Conditions for which Leave of Absence' is granted. The online LOA may be accessed from the e-Services > Attendance > Apply/View of Leave of Absence (LOA).

The application should be submitted in advance prior to the period of absence if the reason is known beforehand (e.g. reserve service, chickenpox, measles, hospitalization, national competitions). Students must upload a copy of the documentary proof in their application and submit the ORIGINAL document to their school when requested to do so. For LOA that covers the first two weeks of a new semester, students may inform their school to apply on their behalf before the start of the semester.

Students may apply for up to 3 days of compassionate leave which is granted on compassionate grounds for bereavement of immediate family members, within 3 months of bereavement. An immediate family member refers to spouse, children, parents (including step-parents & parents-in-law), siblings and grandparents.

For leave of absence from classes/tests/assessments due to illness, the LOA application must be submitted within two working days after the stipulated MC period. In exceptional circumstances where students are unable to submit the application on time, they may inform the school and request for the LOA to be submitted on their behalf. If verification of the original hardcopy of the documentary proof is required, students must submit the document to their school within 5 working days, failing which the application will be rejected.  Note: For leave of absence due to illness, only medical certificates issued by medical practitioners registered with the Singapore Medical Council will be accepted. (Exception: Malaysian students residing in Johor Bahru may submit medical certificates issued in JB.) All other medical certificates, for example, those issued by Chinese physicians, are not accepted.

Students can use their positive ART test results to apply up to 3 days of LOA from the date of test result (inclusive). They are required to submit the picture of the ART result with their ID, name and date written next to it.

Students are not to assume that their application for leave of absence has been approved, they should check the e-Services for the application status or email in their iChat email closer to the period applied for. They must check with their respective School should they have any doubts. It is the responsibility of the students, who have been given approved leave of absence, to ensure that they catch up with the class work, which they have missed. Leave of absence from classes should not be used as an excuse or reason for poor performance in examinations. Alternatively, students can consider deferment.

Students should be informed that redistribution of assessment components (where applicable) arising from approved LOA(s), leading to the calculation of the module grade is subject to an overall module cap of 15% (i.e. floor rule of 85% imposed). For more details, students should check with his/her respective lecturer teaching the module.

For Absence from Semestral Exams, please refer to the Leave of Absence from Semestral Examination.

SP reserves the right to reject any application for leave of absence. An application for leave of absence may also be rejected if the student's course attendance has been irregular, or if the student has not shown satisfactory progress in his class work, course work and in-course assessments during the session.

National Service

NS-liable persons can be granted deferment from full-time National Service (NS) to pursue full-time studies for higher academic qualifications, up to GCE ‘A’ Level, polytechnic diploma, or their equivalent pre-university qualification. If you have already attained the above qualifications locally or overseas, you will not be granted deferment to pursue another equivalent or below qualification. Deferment will not be granted for degree courses, even if you have already begun the course.

Please refer to the CMPB website for more information.

NS-liable persons must obtain approval from CMPB if they intend to:

  • Change the course of study
  • Change the institution / school

Disruption from full-time National Service for full-time studies

Disruption from full-time NS affects both the operational readiness of the unit and the individual. For this reason, disruption is a concession that can only be considered on the basis of equity to allow those from the same school cohort but enlisted in the later intake, to proceed for further studies at the same time as those enlisted in the earlier intake.

You may visit the CMPB website for more information on disruption from full-time NS for full-time studies.

Personal Tutorship Network (PTN)

Student-centred learning is a core belief of Singapore Polytechnic. The objective of the personal tutorship network is to foster rapport between lecturers and students through individualized care and support. Students requiring personal assistance should approach the tutors assigned to them.

Refund of Fees

Please refer to the section on 'General Student Matters & Deadlines'. Absence from class does not constitute withdrawal from course: you are still considered a student of the Singapore Polytechnic and are liable to pay fees until you have officially submitted the "Withdrawal Form" and other relevant documents to the Admissions Office.

Student Admission Card

Obtain your student admission card during enrolment or on the date specified. This is a smart card that allows you to enter Singapore Polytechnic (SP) premises via a secured gantry. You will also use this card to enter SP Library. It is your identification document at the Polytechnic. You are required to have the card in your possession at all times whenever you are within SP premises. 

Replace lost or expired student card via AXS Kiosk, AXS e-station or AXS m-station app for a fee of $10.00 (excluding of G.S.T) per replacement. Click here to find out more: Student Card Replacement

Student Counselling

SP has Student Counsellors who provide counselling and guidance services to students of the Polytechnic. Students may see them for personal, emotional and academic matters. All matters discussed with the Counsellors are kept strictly confidential.

To make for an appointment, submit your request via e-Services > Counselling & Mentoring > Request for Counselling. 

Student Meetings & Notices

Permission must be obtained from the Department of Student Development & Alumni Relations (DSA) for:

  • Meetings with more than 5 students
  • Advertisements or notices for students in the campus.

Touting / Suspicious Activities / Campus Security

If you notice any touting or suspicious activities on campus, please alert the Campus Security @ 6772-1234.

Withdrawal from Course

Please refer to the section on 'General Student Matters & Deadlines'.

The Singapore Polytechnic reserves the right to take any appropriate action it deems necessary where a student fails to comply with withdrawal procedures & regulations.

Any Other Assistance

If you need assistance, apart from contacting your Personal Tutor, you may call us at 6775-1133 or email us at contactus@sp.edu.sg
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