1. A student who is absent without a valid reason from the semestral examination for a module shall be considered to have failed the module.
  2. If a student has a valid reason for missing the semestral examination, he can apply for leave of absence (LOA) from semestral examination using the online LOA application via the Student Portal.
  3. Where the reason for absence from the semestral examination is known beforehand, the student must submit his application for leave of absence from the semestral exam before the day of the examination. For all other reasons for absence, which could not be known beforehand, such application for leave of absence must be submitted within 2 working days from the day of absence.
    Note: For leave of absence due to illness, only medical certificates issued by medical practitioners registered with the Singapore Medical Council will be accepted. (Exception: Malaysian students residing in JB may submit medical certificates issued in JB.) All other medical certificates, for example, those issued by Chinese physicians, are not accepted.
  4. Students are not to assume that their application for leave of absence has been approved, they should check the Student Portal for the application status or email in their ichat email closer to the period applied for. They must check with their respective School should they have any doubts.
  5. Where a student is granted leave of absence from the semestral exam, the module shall be removed from the list of modules registered by him for that semester and he shall not be considered to have made one attempt in the examination for that module. The student must attend all classes and sit for all assessments for the module in a subsequent semester in which that module is offered, subject to the maximum number of modules allowed for that stage of study and the constraints of the class time-table.
  6. Notwithstanding Paragraph (5) above, a student who is granted leave of absence from the semester examination may apply to the Director of his School to be exempted from attending classes for the subsequent sitting and/or to be allowed to carry forward his past in-course assessed component marks. The application will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The application procedure may be obtained from the student's School.
  7. A student shall only be granted one deferment for each of the modules that he is taking.
  8. A student whose attendance fall below 75% will be penalised with a Pass (P) or Fail (F) grade (P/F) in that module.  The student can apply for leave of absence for the EST/Exam but the P/F liability will be carried forward if the leave of absence (LOA) is approved. 


  • Students with special needs can approach their School to request for special arrangements during tests/exams.  Students need to submit supporting documents e.g. letter from SEAB/MOE stating the type of special arrangement(s) granted during the GCE "O" or "N" Level national exams and/or a recent full psychiatrist report stating the type of learning disability with recommendation on the extension of time to be granted etc.
  • Original medical certificate from a doctor (in Singapore) must be submitted for accidents/injury.   Special arrangements as a result of accidents/injury are usually valid for that semester when the accident/injury occurred, if the injury is temporary in nature.
  • The request for special arrangements for tests/exams will be processed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • 005 AS-FRM-005 Special Needs - Application for Special Arrangements During Tests and Exams 


Students who are issued with medical certificates of sick leave for contagious disease e.g. chicken pox, measles, shingles etc and who miss sitting for the Semestral Examination may apply online for leave of absence through the Director of their Schools.

Students with contagious disease will NOT be allowed to sit for the examinations and will be sent home immediately.


Minor MRT Disruption (Affecting only a minority of candidates)

In order not to compromise the security of the examination, candidates who arrive at the exam venue later than 60 minutes after the exam has started (i.e. 10 mins reading time plus 50 mins) shall not be allowed to sit for the exam. This is the same procedure as that to be followed under normal circumstances for candidates who are late for exams. The reason is that after 60 minutes from the start of the exam, some candidates could have already left the exam venue with the question papers. Candidates affected by the MRT disruption and who were not allowed to sit for the examination could submit an appeal to the Exams Board for consideration on a case-by-case basis. Candidates who arrive at the exam venue after the exam has started but within the cut-off time of 60 minutes allowed shall not be given any extension of time for the exam.

Major MRT Disruption (Affecting the majority of candidates)

In the event of a major MRT disruption, the Principal, or, in his absence, the Chief Invigilator, shall decide on whether the examination should be postponed to a later date.

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