Social media offer exciting new ways for us to communicate and build communities of shared interests, and Singapore Polytechnic has fully embraced social media to connect with you and other stakeholders.


While we support your desire and aspirations to be a part of a vibrant online community that celebrates your achievements, we ask that you be sensitive to the significant impact that it can have on SP’s - and your personal - reputation.


That you are in SP makes you part of a vibrant and privileged community where the standard of learning and expectations of your behavior are exceptionally high.


As a leading polytechnic, SP has a solid reputation to maintain. We are confident that our students and staff will know the right thing to do, so let us be responsible when connecting with others through social media.


We urge you to follow the general code of conduct that follows.


Respect the laws and your audience


Do note that the laws including defamation, copyright, intellectual property infringement, etc, do apply to social media.


For instance, if you post a defamatory statement on social media (e.g. on your blog or on Facebook), you can be at the risk of prosecution.


Respect your audience and show proper consideration for others' privacy. Do not use ethnic slurs, discriminatory remarks, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be appropriate.


Similarly, copyright infringement liability for social media will arise in the same way as normal printed matter. Do not misuse SP logos and only use them if you have the permission to do so. For example, you shouldn’t be using SP logo in your social media ID, facebook thumbnails and cover pages.


Refer to SP’s terms of use for more information.


Be responsible


One of SP’s core values is “Responsibility” and as an educational institution, we do expect our students and staff to exercise personal responsibility and self-discipline whenever they participate in social media.


Be aware that whether as a student or staff of SP, what you post can reflect on both your own reputation as well as that of SP.


Do not post something that you’ll regret


Remember that everything you post is public information and will be available to everyone for a long time. Even if you limit access to your site, information that you post is completely out of control the moment it is posted online, and may be accessible even after you remove it.


What you post today (comments, pictures, videos) can be accessible to employers or universities years later, and may also affect your future.


Therefore, think twice before you post.


Protect yourself and those you care about


Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy, and other people’s confidential information.


Be careful when you add someone as your “friend” and use caution on how you interact with others and share information online. Do not let yourself be a victim of criminal activities.


The general rule-of-thumb is: Do not post something which you will be embarrassed to see as a news headline.


On SP’s official social media platforms


SP’s official social media sites such as its Facebook pages serve the primary objectives of building community and relationships between SP and its diverse audiences (e.g. current & future students, staff, alumni, community & industry partners) as well as to celebrate the achievements of Team SP (our students, staff, and alumni).


We hope that the SP social media platforms can be an avenue to celebrate the achievements of Team SP as well as share significant institutional events/milestones. As such, apart from the guidelines mentioned earlier, we hope that our staff and students can:


Be a valued member


Comments should relate to the posted topic or in alignment with the general objectives of the social media site. SP’s official social media sites are not meant for comments that do not directly relate to the purpose or topic of the social media sites or for complaints.


The proper channel to raise any complaints or seek redress for students is through your School, and for staff, your Team/Department Head. In addition, SP staff must safeguard the privacy of student information and must not reveal any information relating to student records or any confidential or competitive information obtained during the course of work.


Do no harm


While SP welcomes related and relevant discussion and dialogue on its social media sites, comments must be made in a respectful and civil manner as befits students and staff of SP. Comments that are vulgar, inflammatory, or threatening will not be tolerated.


SP reserves the right to remove/block comments/users whose comments are in breach of the code of conduct.

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