Medical / Colour Vision Test Report

[For newly enrolled students]

Completed forms must reach the Admissions Office before the commencement of the new academic session/semester.


Failure to submit your medical / colour vision test report will result in you being de-registered from the course.

Course Transfer Application @

For current student - application closes one (1) week after the release of the semestral results.
Late applications will not be accepted.


Newly admitted students must write in to the Admissions Office (refer to the Enrolment e-Guide for more information).

Class Transfer Application >@

Before the commencement of the new academic session/ semester


This does not apply to newly admitted students.

Additional/Forward Module Application @+Before the commencement of semester. This applies only to students who are repeating.
Module Exemption Application @

Opens 1 week before and closes 2 weeks after commencement of semester


You should only apply for exemption for modules registered in the current semester.

Withdrawal from Course @ % #Students intending to withdraw from their course of study must complete a prescribed "Withdrawal Form" and return it to the Admissions Office as soon as possible.
If the withdrawal notification reaches Admissions Office: 

a) Before the commencement of the semester


(For newly enrolled students, please attach Fee Pay-In-Slip/Acknowledgement of E-Payment)

a) Students may obtain a full refund of tuition fees for that semester (less administrative fee*).

b) Within the first week of the semester


(For newly enrolled students, please attach Fee Pay-in-Slip/Acknowledgement of E-Payment)

b) Students are liable for 25% of the tuition fees for that semester.
c) After the 1st week of the semesterc) Students are liable for 100% of the tuition fees.



All submissions must be received by the Singapore Polytechnic on or before the stipulated dates.


@All applications must be made on the respective application forms available at the Student Service Centre (Block T16 Level 1), the respective academic school office or via the Internet. Download online application forms
+It is the responsibility of all repeat students to apply for forward modules.
%Withdrawal from Course
  • Absence from class does not constitute withdrawal from course, you are still considered a student of the Singapore Polytechnic and are liable to pay fees until you have officially submitted the "Withdrawal Form" and other relevant documents to the Admissions Office.
  • Read all the information provided on the form including the part on refund of fees.
  • You cannot withdraw when the examination period commences. All applications for withdrawals should reach Admissions Office before the commencement of the semestral exams. Any withdrawals received by Admissions Office after this date will be processed only after the release of the examination results. Hence, you will still be subject to the examination rules. Should you be removed from your course of study, your "removed" status will remain and your withdrawal will not be effected. Otherwise, withdrawal date will be post-dated to the day after the release of the examination results.
  • A student may be liable to pay full fees if he/she has previously withdrawn or been removed from a part-time Diploma course. If you fall into this category, the full fee requirement may be waived dependent on the circumstances of your withdrawal (e.g. overseas posting).
#There is no refund on Students’ Union Entrance and Subscription fees regardless of the time of withdrawal.
*The administrative charge for enrollees of Full-Time Diploma courses is $50.