Examinations Office

For walk-in enquiries on Examinations Matters, please go to the Student Service Centre, located at T16 Level 1, Room T1612, at the end of the Dover MRT linkway. See campus map.

Opening Hours - Student Service Centre

Mondays - Fridays 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Eve of Major Public Holidays 8.30 am to 12:30 pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed
NETS and EZ-Link Payments: 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

Postal Address - Examinations Office

Singapore Polytechnic
Examinations Office
500 Dover Road
Block T15, Level 2 (Room T1524)
Singapore 139651


Telephone Numbers

6775-1133 (General Enquiry Line)

Fax Number

(65) 6772-1967




A student shall be deemed to be eligible to sit for any examination if he/she has not been barred from doing so.


If a student had not paid up all fees due to the Polytechnic, his/her exams results would only be released one working day after settlement of the fees outstanding, including late fees if applicable.


A student shall meet the attendance requirement of at least 75% in order to obtain module grades other than Pass (P) or Fail (F) for an examination.  This is also applicable for a 100% in-course assessed module. 

Leave of Absence from examinations will not be granted for module(s) where attendance fell below 75% and the student had been penalised with a Pass/Fail grade.  This is also applicable for the end-of-semester test of a 100% in-course assessed module.

(Student attendance computation will be based on the total number of sessions conducted in the semester which is typically 15 weeks. For year-long modules, attendance in Semester 2 will be based on the total number of sessions conducted over both Semester 1 and 2 ie. 30 weeks.)


Students are allowed the use of calculators in SP examinations, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Only calculators with 'Approved for use in SP Examinations" stickers attached to them are permitted for personal use in the examination rooms. These calculators must be (i) non-programmable, (ii) battery-operated only, (iii) silent and (iv) without any remote communication capability.

    APPROVED for use in SP Examinations

    Model No: _____________________

    Sticker Invalid if Torn


    Name & Signature of Approver

  • Candidates are requested to refer to their class tutors for the approved stickers.
  • Such stickers are not to be tampered with or altered in any way but are to remain intact on the calculators.
  • If calculators without the approved stickers or attached with 'tampered stickers" are brought into the examination hall, it will be treated as a breach of the examination rules.
  • Any candidate who brings a calculator in a calculator case must detach the calculator case and place it on the floor below his desk before the start of the examination.
  • No lending or borrowing of calculators will be allowed during the examination.
  • Candidates must ensure that their calculators are in good working condition. Request for replacement during the examination will not be allowed.
  • Instruction manuals, external storage media and other peripherals are not permitted.

Click on the links below for more information:

AURORA CS 93          
HC 687          
SC 107 SC 110 SC 120 SC 150 SC 170 SC 180
SC 200 SC 210 SC 260 SC 500 SC 550  
CANON F51 F55S F56 F62 F63 F64
F65 F72 F73      
F200 F401 F402 F500 F501 F502
F-570SG F601 F602 F603 F604 F612
F-715S F-718SA F-718SGA F720 F-789 SGA F800
F-960SG  FS600        
CANNON F-788dx          
CASIO FC-100A FC-100V FC200V      
FX-17 FX-19 FX-20 FX-21 FX-29 FX-31
FX-37 FX-39 FX-48 FX-58 FX-63  
FX-68 FX-78 FX-80 FX-81    
FX-82 FX-82AU FX-82B FX-82C FX-82D FX-82ES
FX-82ES PLUS FX-82L FX-82LB FX-82LP FX-82MS FX-82Solar
FX-82Super FX-82SX FX-82SXL FX-82TL FX-82W FX-82 AU PLUS
FX-83ES FX-83GT PLUS FX-83MS      
FX-85 FX-85B FX-85ES FX-85MS FX-85N FX-85S
FX-85V FX-85VH FX-85W FX-85WA FX-85 ES Plus  
FX-92 FX-95 FX-95ES Plus FX-95MS


FX-95SG Plus


FX-96SG Plus FX-97SGX FX-98    
FX-100 FX-100C FX-100D FX-100MS FX-100S FX-100V
FX-100W FX-100Z FX-102 FX-110    
FX-115 FX-115D FX-115ES FX-115ES Plus FX-115MS FX-115N
FX-115S FX-115V FX-115W FX-115WA FX-120 FX-122S
FX135 FX140 FX150 FX160 FX180PA  
FX-210 FX-220 FX-250 FX-250H FX-250HC FX-260Solar
FX-270MS FX-280 FX-300 FX-300ES FX-300MS FX-300SA
FX-300W FX-310 FX-330 FX-350 FX-350A FX-350C
FX-350D FX-350ES FX-350ES Plus FX-350H FX-350HA FX-350HB
FX-350MS FX-350TL FX-350TLG FX-350W FX-361 FX-370
FX-401 FX-411 FX-450 FX-451 FX-451M FX-470
FX-500 FX-500A FX-500MS FX-500ES FX-510  
FX-550 FX-550S FX-550TL      
FX-570 FX-570A FX-570AD FX-570AV FX-570C FX-570CD
FX-570CV FX-570ES FX-570ES Plus FX-570EX FX-570MS  
FX-570S FX-570W FX-570Z
FX-580 FX-590 FX-650 FX-750C FX-820MS


FX-900 FX-901 FX-911S FX-911SA FX-911W FX-911Z
FX-912MS FX-915 FX-920 FX-922V    
FX-950 FX-960 FX-961 FX-990    
FX-991 FX-991D FX-991ES FX-991ES Plus FX-991EX FX-991MS
FX-991H FX-991M        
FX-991N FX-991S FX-991V FX-991W FX-991WA  
FX-992S FX-992V FX-992VB FX-995    
FX-D400 FX-P401        
HL-122 JS-140      
MX-120S MS-20UC        
CITIZEN SDC 814 SDC 848 SDC 888 SDC 9790  SRP-40  
DELI 1704          
EASTALENT TN-82TL          
FIAMO SC 6 SC 20        
HP 6S HP 6S Solar HP 8S HP 9S HP 10B HP 10S
HP 11C HP 14B HP 15C    
HOSEKI H-1030          
JOINUS JS-350MS          
KARCE KC 107 KC 108 KC 109 KC 158 KC 189 KC 250
KCS 187 KCS 3500        
LF 118C          
SANYO  CE 1201 CE 1203 CE 1204 CE 1210    
SHARP EL-500M EL-501W EL-505 EL-506A EL-506G EL-506H
EL-506L EL-506P EL-506R EL-506V EL-506W EL-507
EL-509A EL-509D EL-509G EL-509L EL-509MS EL-509R
EL-509V EL-509VM EL-509W EL-509WM EL-509WS EL-509X
EL-510R EL-514 EL-515 EL-517      
EL-520D EL-520G EL-520L EL-520R EL-520V EL-520W
EL-531 EL-531D EL-531GH EL-531H EL-531LH EL-531P
EL-531RH EL-531V EL-531VB EL-531VH EL-531W EL-531WH
EL-531X EL-531XM EL-W531M EL-W531S EL-W531S II EL-W531XM
EL-532 EL-533X EL-545 EL-546D EL-546G EL-546L
EL-546LV EL-546R EL-546VA EL-553 EL-556G EL-556L
EL-570ES Plus EL-733A      
SUNWAY SS1-105B SS2-106 SS2-107A      
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS BA II Plus BA Real Estate BA 35Solar SR-50 SR-50A SR-51
TI-25 TI-25Stat        
TI-30 TI-30Challenger TI-30X TI-30XA TI-30XSolar TI-30X II
TI-30X IIB TI-30X IIS TI-32Explorer Plus TI-34 TI-34 II TI-35 Plus
TI-36 TI-36Solar TI-36XPro TI-40 TI-50 TI-54
TIBA II PLUS          
TOSHIBA SLC 8260 SLC 8261 SLC 8280 SLC 8310    
TRULY SC 101 SC 107 SC 107A SC 107B SC 107C SC 107F
  SC 108 SC118B-4      
BISTEC BS-700          
CASON SC-107A          
CATIGA F-618          
CEDAR CD 412-8          
ENT ET-107A          
ENTRON LC 260A          
FORTEC LC 1007S          
GLOBAL VIEW PC-110          
JINNI EC-545          
KACER KE-109          
KENKO KS-105B          
KEYSHE KS-105          
K L T SCIENTIFIC FG-813          
LISHEN LS-105          
NAM HUA NH-105          
NAN Ho NH-506H          
OMERON SR 12          
ORPAT FX-100D          
PEACOCK LC-818S          
PHILIPS SBC 157S          
PORPO YH-105          
ROYAL SF 801          
SCIENTIFIC LC 85          
TAKSUN TS-105 TS-107A        



CANON F300 F610 F700 F802P    
CASIO Algebra FX 1.0 Plus Algebra FX 2.0 Plus        
CFX-9850 CFX-9850GB Plus CFX-9860GC Plus CFX-9860G CFX-9950 CFX-9950GB Plus
CFX-9970G ClassPad 300 ClassPad 300 Plus      
FX-10F FX-50F FX-61F FX-603P FXP-401  
FX-3400P FX-3600PA FX-3600PV FX-3650P FX-3950P  
FX-4100P FX-4200P FX-4500P FX-4800P FX-5000F FX-6300G
FX-7400G FX-7400G Plus FX-7450G FX-7500G FX-8000G FX-8500G
FX-9750G FX-9750G Plus FX-9850G Plus FX-9850GB Plus    
FX-9860G SD FX-9860G        
HP 9G HP 17B11 HP 20S HP 21S HP 38G HP 42RPN
HP 42S HP 48G HP 48SX      
SHARP EL-5120 EL-9400 EL-9450 EL-9600c EL-9650 EL-9900
TI-60X TI-68 TI-73 TI-80 TI-81 TI-82
TI-83 TI-83 Plus TI-84 TI-84 Plus TI-85 TI-86
TI-89 TI-92 TI-92 Plus      2