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Talking Bodies

Our two short films titled “Talking Bodies” shows Kelsi about the discrimination she face as people living with mental health issues. Kelsi’s story shows her life as a working adult ostracised by society. We hope these films raise awareness of the mental health stigma in society today.

This is a story of Kelsi, a 24 year old working adult. She is quiet and usually keeps to herself. She finds herself anxious and nervous all the time especially when it comes to interacting with others be it through phone or face to face. With stress from work and her struggling to stay afloat from all her anxiousness, she finds it difficult to not fall prey to her dark thoughts.



Propagation tells a story of a detective who came upon someone awfully familiar in the dystopian 2050s, which leads him to discover the city’s cloning underworld.


VR Games & AR Apps Showreel

This showreel is a compilation of immersive media in exploration and adoption of emerging technologies that can enhance human-computer interaction and experience. This includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and various uses of sensory and haptic devices through hardware integration to design and develop engaging and innovative games and applications for alternate interactive digital media platforms.



2D Games Showreel

This showreel is a compilation of 2D games where students apply knowledge and skillsets acquired in various modules by putting them into practice. This encompasses research, game design, project management, narrative, 2D asset design and creation, user interface design, user experience, prototyping, testing and documentation.

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