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Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) Brand Revitalisation

The Singapore Chinese Orchestra is a key cultural and creative icon of the Singaporean identity. Despite this, they are commonly misinterpreted as a solely-traditional and “cheena” performing arts group, slipping under the radar of young generations, slowly becoming a forgotten piece of Singapore’s creative scene. Unbeknown to most, SCO is a vibrant and dynamic orchestra, fusing modern and traditional sounds from around the world, creating music that is curious and full of life, and, most of all, one-of-a-kind. Our project aims to show this exuberant side of SCO to Singaporeans, in order to keep the art form thriving in Singapore.

Bollywood Veggies Rebranding

A sanctuary for Singaporeans and tourists to escape the bustle of city life, Bollywood Veggies is an organic farm located in sunny Singapore.

In this rebranding, we created a fresh new identity for Bollywood Veggies that aims to reflect their heritage, but also their playful and cheerful energy. With this new brand identity system, we’ve re-designed the experience of the farm to be more interactive, engaging and educational. Ultimately, this rebranding effort aims to contribute to the bigger Bollywood Veggies objective – nurturing a new generation to engage in a self-sufficient lifestyle and grow their own produce!

Roger Corporate Video

Roger Roger’s TikTok Dance Video is a full 2D Animation done in Adobe After Effects. The purpose of the video is to show that Roger Roger is not just on trend with relatable contents but in technology as well.


Take Shape At *SCAPE (TSA*S) is a campaign that aims to demystify the sphere of entrepreneurism with more accessible resources and support to allow those starting out to grow and materialize their potential. Inspired by an entrepreneur’s adaptability and the modular system of co-working spaces, TSA*S encourages innovation through modular thinking; aiming towards smaller goals that will ultimately take shape and form a bigger picture. #TAKESHAPEATSCAPE

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