Student Gallery

Project Catvocacy

Project Catvocacy was a collaboration with Beyond Social Services and aimed to explore the concept of community relationships and wellness. This was done through discussions on community cats and how the animals could be a source of individual and community wellness. This project was also funded by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

We Dream of a Space

We Dream of a Space was a project funded by The Majurity Trust; the CCEP students engaged the children from rental flats in Kebun Bahru to find out their needs in terms of space. Collaborating with Sixth Sense, a ground-up organisation, the students created and facilitated an interactive exhibition which invited community members to understand the narratives of space and to suggest ways to support the children.


What about You?

What about You? aimed to provide a safe space for young adults to share their personal journeys through creative activities. Collaborating with Singapore Association for Mental Health, the students created a series of arts-based workshops to explore the intersections of self, family, peers, together with participants.


Slay with Confidence

Slay with Confidence was a project with 3Pumpkins Limited, to promote self-expression amongst children from vulnerable backgrounds. The CCEP students engaged the children weekly to find out what makes them tick. Through play-based activities, the children had the autonomy to discover themselves and others.


The Silent Struggle

The Silent Struggle Struggle explored non-suicidal self-injury, a topic not discussed often in schools or in public. Collaborating with SHINE Children and Youth Services, the CCEP students created an educational programme which included a performance, discussions, interactive activities for secondary school students. These allowed the students to explore the resources for support as well as tools to support others.


SP Sustainability Matters