Student Gallery


IN(visible) was an interactive programme which invited youths to think about how they could support their peers with mental health conditions. A collaboration with Community Heath Assessment Team (CHAT) at the Institute of Mental Health, this programme was run both in Singapore Polytechnic and at *SCAPE Singapore.


Life’s Little Joy

Life’s Little Joys aimed to co-create with seniors the joyful moments of sharing and bonding. Through different arts activities like craftwork, movement and drama, the seniors from AWWA Senior Activity Centre experienced pockets of joy together with the students.


Superheroes Resilience Camp

Superheroes Resilience Camp was a collaboration with Big Heart Student Care Centre and the aim was to introduce the concept of resilience in an easy-to-understand and fun manner to children, aged 7-9. Delivered online, the programme included tasks for the children to gain tokens to become a superhero at the end of the sessions.


When Policemen Wore Shorts

When Policemen Wore Shorts was an interactive museum programme at the Former Ford Factory. The students conceptualised, planned and delivered this programme which was a part of the Children’s Season. The aim was to allow children to explore life in Singapore immediately after Wold War 2, through the eyes of a child. The participants were tasked to investigate and solve a crime and interacted with characters from the story.