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Experience The Fourbidden

Science Centre Singapore through KidsSTOP collaborated with SP MAD on a final year project to create awareness in young children about protection of the oceans.

Experience The Fourbidden is a campaign which aims to educate and raise awareness about ocean protection in young children targeting oil spills, chemical pollution, bycatch and algal blooms!

Through sensorial gameplay and a phygital experience on the Ocean Heroes application, children will be emboldened to protect the ocean, adopting leadership to care for our ocean before it is too late.


Lost Voices

Seniors are always on the receiving end of everything. How do we empower them to give back to society while forging strong communication bonds within Chinatown?



Hex is an overhead structure that uses the sun as a medium to cast markers to encourage social distancing. The time and lighting aspect of the sun is used to create different experiences for commuters that walk through Hex throughout the day. The structure is designed to nudge users to unknowingly social distance when they seek shade with shadows casted by Hex.




Coloris is a color arrangement puzzle game which allows players to create harmony from chaos. It’s also a decorative piece that you can use to light up your space! Coloris is made out of wood as we believe that touching natural materials and feeling the wooden texture will bring about a better playing experience. We used laser cutters to make it and would apply safe paint on the wooden pieces directly to achieve the desired effect. Everyone has their own understanding of different colors. We gave names to every color piece and we hope that the beautiful colors could remind people of something great in life.

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