Financial Assistance for Notebook PC

Notebook Subsidy

Date Range
1st Application
15 Apr - 3 May 2024
By July 2024
2nd Application
3 Jun - 16 Aug 2024
By Oct 2024
3rd Application
14 Oct - 20 Dec 2024
Opening in Oct
By Mar 2025

The one-time notebook subsidy is intended to help new students partially offset the cost of notebook purchase made this calendar year. The award is given on a reimbursement basis.

Eligibility Criteria

PFP Students
Full-time students
PFP year of study
1st or 2nd year of study
Singaporeans Only
Must NOT have received this subsidy before
Gross monthly household per capita income (PCI) of $1,100 or below, OR
Gross monthly household income (GHI) of $4,400 or below
Notebook / tablet MUST be purchased in the same calendar year as your notebook subsidy application
Either applied DFP Bursary this academic year,  OR
meet the above monthly household criteria
Must have applied for
Higher Education Community Bursary (HECB) /
Higher Education Bursary (HEB) this academic year AND meet the above monthly household income criteria
Can only apply during 2nd or 3rd application periods
Can apply during all 3 application periods

Reimbursement Amount

Only up to 70% of the notebook / tablet amount paid by student will be reimbursed, capped at the following:

  • For ABE, CLS, EEE, MAE, SB, SMA and SOC: Up to $1,200
  • For MAD: Up to $1,600

Accessories like earphones, stylus / Apple Pencil, etc and warranties are not covered.

Application Procedure

  1. Documents to submit:

    - Proof of purchase (eg. Receipt / Invoice / Delivery order)

    - For PFP students, additional documents are required if you did not apply for DFP bursary


  2. All supporting documents MUST be saved in this format:
    SP Admin No_Student Name_Type of document (eg. 2412345_CHAR BEE HOON_Invoice)

  3. Submit your application and supporting documents online via  Student Eservices > Finance Matters & Assistance > Apply for FAS)
    For more details, refer to this Guide to Apply Notebook Subsidy

  4. Reimbursement will be credited to your GIRO account registered with SP. If you do not have a GIRO account registered with us, submit your e-GIRO application online (DBS / POSB account holders only) OR mail completed Interbank GIRO Form to the address below:

    Attn : Student Finance
    Singapore Polytechnic
    500 Dover Road
    Admin Building level 2 Finance Dept
    Singapore 139651

    Softcopy of GIRO form will NOT be accepted.

For further enquiries, you may reach us at 6775 1133 or email us at

IMDA DigitalAccess@Home

DigitalAccess@Home is an assistance scheme administered by IMDA to supports low-income households with affordable home internet connectivity and devices (laptops and tablets).

Refer to IMDA website for application procedures and details.  

Year 1 students who bought an IMDA-funded notebook can apply for SP Notebook Subsidy if they are eligible (see information under Notebook Subsidy).

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