Network Security Operation Lab

Network Security Operation Lab

The Network Security Operation Laboratory demonstrates cybersecurity monitoring of network devices such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and routers. The laboratory is also used to experience common cyber-attacks from malwares and how can we mitigate them.

Data Analytics
            lab T913

Data Analytics lab

The Data Analytics lab at T913 has been set up in collaboration with TIBCO Software Inc. It has a complete enterprise suite of software that includes TIBCO Spotfire (for generating analytical models), TIBCO Streambase (for application of analytical models on streaming data) and LiveView Monitor (for generating alerts on streaming data). We are currently using these software for teaching our students as well as for conducting public courses in data analytics. 

SMART Connected Solutions Lab1

SMART Connected Solutions Lab

The SP Smart Connected Solution lab houses equipment meant to train students and adult learners on key technologies behind Internet of Things (IoT) and the architecture design concept that makes large scale IoT deployment scalable and sustainable. The equipment is able to show the process from data acquisition to data connectivity and allow users to write application that use captured data for monitoring, predictive/preventive and corrective actions.

            & AIoT Technology Hub

5G & AIoT Technology Hub

The 5G & AIoT Technology Hub aspires to be the catalyst that provides technical consultations, trainings, and seminars in the areas of AI, IoT, embedded systems applications, smart devices, wireless applications, cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics.

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