1. PolyFintech API Hackathon 2019

DBKF students (Goh Jun Da Victor, Yeo Zhan Xiong, Lilian Ang Li En and Charlynn Chia) won first runner-up in Poly Fintech API Hackathon 2019 for the category of Insurtech.

2. Learning Journey to Refinitiv

This was an eye-opener as it was quite different from trading FX via an online broker such as Oanda. We had to quote spot FX rates, forward and cross rates using the dealing system. This hands-on experience helped to complement our knowledge and gave us a taste of how it is like to be an interbank trader.

DBKF Year 3 student, Yeo Zhan Xiong's insights on Learning Journey to Refinitiv


3. Fintech Festival - Quote from Student

Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) is one of the world’s largest gathering of the global Fintech community. Alongside with my peers, we were honoured to be a part of this festival. There were lots of keynotes session by different speakers; all covered on insightful topics such as the Fintech revolution, AI and Insurtech. With more than 400 exhibitors, we were able to access quality information from leading Fintech companies (and it was made more exciting as most of the exhibitors had their own unique way of engaging participants – from snacks, or gifts, and even exciting games!).

Ming Qi, DBKF Year 3



4. MOS Excel Competition

Timothy Ng, Year 2 DBKF student emerged the top winner in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Singapore National Final 2019 and represented SP and Singapore in the MOS World Championship in New York.

He was ranked 8th in the Excel category and the only Singaporean to be in the top ten ranking of all categories in this MOS world championship.

“The whole experience was surreal. I had the opportunity to meet and befriend competitors from many countries. Although I did not emerge the winner, the opportunity to tour New York, to meet so many wonderful people and to be able to represent my country are memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you SP for this opportunity of a lifetime!”

Timothy Ng, DBKF Year 2



“The FYP Experience was truly an enriching and eye-opening one for me! It was a module which requires me to step up to a different set of challenges unlike other academic modules as we work towards producing value-added deliverables with a real industry client - Frank by OCBC. It also gave me an intense experience that hone many skillsets like design thinking, project management and team excellence.”

James Chew, DBKF Year 3

SP at 70SP at 70