AT SP Accountancy, we have a team of passionate, fun-loving and supportive lecturers who are glad to be a part of your SP DAC journey!

DAC Team Photo


Beyond classroom learning, our students are also exposed to an enriching student life, and presented with opportunities to give back to society and to connect with the industry.

  1. ISCA Cares RPA Event
    To help raise funds for ISCA Cares, DAC students and lecturers came together to conduct an RPA information session and helped implement RPA robots for the various audit firms to reduce the manual repetitive work.
    "It has been a fun and enriching learning experience of learning RPA and becoming more familiar with this technology. Through this event, I was able to have the opportunity to meet different industry partners and understand more about how their businesses operate. In my opinion, technology is important as the accounting industry is always evolving!"
    - DAC Year 3, Student Volunteer at ISCA Cares, Alix Oh

  2. SMU Tax Challenge
    DAC students won 3rd runner-up in the 2021 SMU Tax Challenge where they competed against students from other polytechnics and universities.



Liu Ying

"Not only was I able to learn the technical skillsets needed in accounting from
experienced lecturers, we applied what we learnt to client projects, such as
skillsets needed by the accountant of tomorrow - my group worked on
automating the tax computation cycling using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)!"


Goh Liu Ying
Class of 2021
Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Accountancy in SMU


"SP built my foundation in accounting. It was a seamless transition to my
professional papers for ICAEW. I'm also thankful that tools commonly
used in our work, such as Microsoft Excel, are heavily emphasised in the
course - I rely on such software everyday now!"


Melvin Lim
Class of 2017
Audit Senior
Deloitte Singapore
ICAEW Professional Pathway