AT SP Accountancy, beyond classroom learning, our students are also exposed to an enriching student life and presented with opportunities to give back to society and to connect with the industry.

1. SMU Tax Challenge
DAC students emerged 1st runner-up and the Best Polytechnic team in the 2023 SMU Tax Challenge where they competed against students from other polytechnics and universities.


2. Overseas Learning Express

Overseas Learning Express


DAC students have the opportunities to travel to neighbouring countries as part of the learning express (LEX) program to enjoy out-of-textbook experiences such as co-creating purposeful, sustainable and innovative prototype solutions to real-life issues and undergoing a community homestay. They developed an understanding of the issues faced by the overseas community in the context of their social, economic, and political culture, and analysed these issues from multiple perspectives.

“This trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia has been a deeply rewarding experience, offering a dynamic blend of excitement and challenges.  During this trip, half of us were tasked to help assist the Pok Darwis (Tourism Awareness Group) members of Goa Cerme to increase their tourism count. While the other half had to tackle the issue of inorganic waste management as the villagers were burning plastic waste everyday which would harm both the environment and their health. This 12 days Lex trip was indeed a meaningful & enriching experience as we were given the opportunity to understand more about what challenges others are facing. We managed to forge invaluable friendships within ourselves and together with the Indonesian buddies. Thank you SP for this meaningful opportunity!”

- DAC Year 2 Student Volunteers, Josh Christo Djudin and Li Junyu


3. ISCA Cares RPA Event

To help raise funds for ISCA Cares, DAC students and lecturers came together to conduct an RPA information session and helped implement RPA robots for the various audit firms to reduce the manual repetitive work.

"It has been a fun and enriching learning experience of learning RPA and becoming more familiar with this technology. Through this event, I was able to have the opportunity to meet different industry partners and understand more about how their businesses operate. In my opinion, technology is important as the accounting industry is always evolving!"

- DAC Year 3, Student Volunteer at ISCA Cares, Alix Oh

4. Overseas Learning Journey

DAC students went on a 4 days 3 nights learning journey to Kuala Lumpur where they were exposed to the accountancy industry in Malaysia, different companies and the services they provide, along with the wide spectrum of career opportunities that are available. They also immersed themselves in the Malaysian culture where they visited the Batu Caves, which is one of the biggest attractions in Malaysia, as well as the local stores and food.

Overseas Learning Journey

“This has definitely been a fruitful and fulfilling trip for all of us! We gained experience and have a wider perspective of the accounting industry outside of Singapore. I also recognised the importance of technology and sustainability in this industry.”

- DAC Year 3 Student, Carlyn Gan

5. Overseas Internship

Beyond Singapore, DAC students could choose to do their 22 weeks internship overseas such as Vietnam.  We worked with our esteemed industry partners e.g. Grant Thornton and Deloitte for such valuable internship opportunities for our students. 

Overseas Internship





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