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Career prospects

Many promising career opportunities await you upon graduation with a diploma from SP Business Admin. Given our  broad-based curriculum, you will have sought-after skills and knowledge needed for promising careers that may stretch across any sector or industry.

Jobs directly related to your diploma include:

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Start a business, Work in a family business, Business Development, Business Consultant, Sales, Account Management, Not-for-profit Fund-raiser.
  • Digital Marketing & Branding – Retail Management, Trade & Merchandising, Market Research, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Marketing Communications and Public Relations.
  • International Trade & Operations – Logistics Sales & Customer Service, Logistics & Freight Forwarding, Procurement, Project Management, Supply Chain Solutions Analyst.


Upon graduation, you can choose to further your studies at reputable local and foreign universities that grant modular to full year exemptions - with advanced standing granted to our graduates, you can enrol in the second year of various degree programmes in  foreign universities. Being a broad-based diploma, our graduates have pursued bachelor degrees in diverse areas such as Economics, Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Psychology and even Law! 

Over the years, numerous SP Business Admin graduates have earned prestigious scholarships to pursue their further studies, some of our recent awardees include:

  • Gerwyn Teo (Class of 2021) - Nanyang Technological University-University Scholars Programme (NTU-USP)
  • Danya Jeyabalan (Class of 2021) - National University of Singapore Stephen Riady Young Entrepreneur Scholarship
  • Cheryl Wong (Class of 2021) - Singapore Industry Scholarship (SgIS) (MOHH)
  • Ferrell Yoong (Class of 2020) - Nanyang Technological University Scholarship
  • Jose Raphael De Costa (Class of 2019) - National University of Singapore (NUS) Merit Scholarship
  • Nur Saleha Binte Abdul Aziz (Class of 2019) - LKY-STEP Award
  • Ng Jing Ying (Class of 2019) - Ngee Ann Kongsi Tertiary Scholarship
  • Gabriel Tan JL (Class of 2017) - Singapore Management University Global Impact Scholarship
  • Nur Umairah Bte Mohd Tahir (Class of 2017) - SkillsFuture Earn & Learn Programme Award
  • Laura Anne Lau (Class of 2016) – Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian Scholarship
  • Daphne Yap (Class of 2016) - SkillsFuture Singapore and Workforce Singapore (SSG-WSG) joint undergraduate scholarship
  • Wong Wei Kang (Class of 2014) - SPRING Executive Development Scholarship
  • Nicole Chin (Class of 2015) - SkillsFuture Earn & Learn Programme Award
  • Daryl Goh (Class of 2014) - SME Talent Programme Award
  • Lee Qi Ni (Class of 2012) – ASEAN Scholarship
  • John Ser (Class of 2012) - LKY-STEP Award & Singapore-Industry Scholarship (Charles & Keith)
  • Lim Jia Hui (Class of 2011) – National University of Singapore Scholarship
  • Joy Tan (Class of 2010) – Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship

SkillsFuture Work-Study Post-Diploma (formally Skills Future Earn and Learn Programme)

Graduates from SP Business Admin can pursue fast-track career progression through this structured work-learn study programme which will give them a head-start in a career relevant to their selected discipline of study. Graduates can select from many diverse fields of disciplines and industry sectors including business administration and logistics to digital marketing and media. It provides fresh polytechnic graduates with more opportunities, to build on the skills and knowledge they acquired in school, and supports their transition into the workforce. 

DBA graduates are eligible for the following Work-Study Post-Diplomas:

  • Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Marketing
  • Specialist Diploma in Digital Business
  • Specialist Diploma in Digital Branding & Social Media Strategies
  • Specialist Diploma in Port Management and Operations
  • Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  • Specialist Diploma in Corporate Secretarial Practice
  • Specialist Diploma in Retail (Operations)

More information can be found here.

Opportunities for professional studies

SP Business Admin students are also eligible for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification exemption for F1 (Accountant in Business) and F3 (Financial Accounting) paper.


Farhan at TED Talk

"A qualification in business administration gives graduates opportunities abound. From start-ups and local companies, to non-profits, to working for global companies. I had a good experience in SP Business Admin as I managed to balance both my academics and student life, and that gave me the best of both worlds - intelligence and being street smart. In addition, I managed to gain immense understanding of international business and international exposure such as a community service project to Thailand, hosting international students from Thailand through exchange programs and organized a Photography Exhibition graced by the Ambassador of Italy titled, "A tale between two cities - Singapore and Venice". The strong international business foundation has turned me into an effective business leader." 

Farhan Firdaus
(Class of 2010)
Partner& CEO (Learning & Development), MEET Ventures
TEDx Speaker
Chua Thian Poh Technopreneurship Scholar, Nanyang Technological University
Co-Founder, EPIC (Asia) Young Entrepreneurs Network

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