Laboratories Supporting Power Specialisation

Circuit Theory & Analysis

Students will gain understanding of circuit theory, which includes mesh analysis, nodal analysis, circuit theorems and applications. Students will also be introduced to three-phase circuits, covering three-phase supply and loads.

DC Microgrid

A development project lab for both staff and students to work on DC microgrids and smart grid. It is well equipped with the research and development facilities such as DC microgrid demo system with solar PV and wind turbine renewable energy systems, smart power management units (SPMUs), smart battery management units (SBMUs), energy storage battery banks, DC air-cons and smart LEDs and many more.

Electrical Equipment Testing

Students will learn up-to-date industrial practices of power distribution systems based on relevant code of practice and procedure adopted in the power industry. The lab is equipped with industrial grade switchgear and distribution transformer, as well as equipment to train students for various power protection techniques.

Electrical Installation Design

Students will perform hands-on experiments in various areas: measurement, testing and troubleshooting of final circuits to mimic domestic electrical installation; industrial wirings using relays, contactors and timers; project-based design on traffic light control and motor sequential circuits; motor starters like direct-online starter, and new technology in electrical installation such as KNX system.

Energy Management and Auditing

Students will learn the knowledge and skills required to implement Measurement and Verification (M&V) measures in centralised chiller system in accordance to Green Mark standards. Students will be exposed to the key instruments used for the chiller plant M&V, recommended good practices, and fundamentals of heat balance as well as learn to accurately measure the variables that determine the system efficiency.

Green Mobility

Students will learn the operation and control of DC and AC machines under different load conditions.
SP-Chint Co-Location Lab

SP-Chint Co-Location Lab
(Low Voltage Electrical Power Innovation)

The SP-Chint Co-Location Lab houses the actual industry-grade low voltage switchboards and protection equipment. This facility is used to train students on the equipment used in the Power Engineering industry, as well as the hands-on skills required to operate and maintain them.

Power Electronics & Drives

Students will learn to operate state-of-art equipment and instruments to enhance their practical knowledge on power electronic systems and drives. Students can easily build various power electronics systems and converters on the power electronic trainer using plug-in type passive and active components.

Power System Simulator

The Power System Simulator is a hardware scaled down model of an electrical power system, designed to mimic the real power systems and modern practices. It is meant to provide operational training for students at diploma and undergraduate level, as well as providing a means for operational training for industrial and utilities technical personnel.

PV System & SMART Grid

Students will learn the characteristics of solar cells/ modules, which will enable them to design, test and commission Solar Photovoltaics Systems. The Smart Grid Training System (SGTS) set up in the lab provides the students with a practical platform to learn the structure, operation and control of a modern smart power system.
SP-Sembcorp Co-Location Lab

SP-Sembcorp Co-Location Lab

This is the 36.14 kWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System installation for the SP-Sembcorp Co-Lab. The electricity produced is enough to power ten 4-room HDB flats. The PV system installed is used to conduct joint R&D projects, PV training programmes for full-time/part-time students as well as the industry.

Power & Sustainable Energy Hub

The Power & Sustainable Energy Hub is equipped with solar and wind power stations and modern smart power networks (micro-grids and smart grid). The hub seeks collaboration with industry and academic/research institutes in joint research and development (R&D) and industry projects involving staff/students to improve competencies in the area of electrical power, renewable energy applications and energy efficiency.


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